A unique Batman: The Animated Series universe piece created in the Czech Republic with only two copies in the world

The only bible that makes sense.

A story that might never happen again. Some time ago I delivered the so-called Series Writer‘s Bible to Ondrej Hruška, a bookbinder and printed from Olomouc, Czech Republic, issued for production purposes of the legendary Batman: The Animated Series. It takes a form of a handbook comprising absolutely exceptional 153 pages with unique, very personally written instructions for screenwriters, animators, directors and designers of the cult series which, in 1992, definitively changed the direction the „kids cartoons“ took in the future.

Even nowadays, 26 years after the premiere, this series is still a timeless matter that joins in itself the expressive feeling of Burton’s first two Batmans, the atmosphere of noir, art-deco detail in design and architecture as well as the exceptionally well-developed sense of creating strong emotive stories about courage, death, loneliness and responsibility.

Ondrej took the old, graphically incompact PDF and changed it into a genuine geek bible, with the bonus of the original author manuscript on top of that. The result is a hand-bound book whose black-and-white content dominates the special paper used. What makes it special is the paper being of the so-called Crush Corn type made in the Italian paper mill Favinni which uses a common crop residues for its production, corn in this case. “Using this organic material, which would otherwise end up in the flames of the incinerator, gives the term ‘recycled paper’ an utterly new meaning,” says Ondrej.

Currently, there are two copies of this batman diamond in this format in the world. One is owned by the author himself, the other one by me. And as I have said before, this story might not happen again.

OČ / Translation: David Petráž